High perfomance all-round F5J competition glider. Came to the scene in 2006 as F3J model and the main goal of development was to create a competitive model to suit all weather conditions. Currently available only in cross tail version. This design is using HN507M1 airfoil by Norbert Habe. The airfoil has a very wide speed range. Since the release in 2006, on the model were made numerous updates, most recent is new version of cross tail fuselage which improved model handling. Model is suitable for experienced modelars and competitors.

The kit is supplied with:

– Carbon fuselage
– Fully molded composite wing panels
– Fully molded composite tail
– Full accessory pack

If you are interested to buy Shadow F5J and we do not have distributor in your country, please send us an e-mail.

Additional information

Technical data:

Wing span 3654 mm
Fuselage length 1630 mm
Wing area 73 dm²
Airfoil HN 507M1
Tail area 8,8 dm²
Empty weight ~1200g

Phase Settings:

Normal [mm] Thermal [mm] Speed [mm]
Ailerons Up 3
Down 4
Flaps Up 3
Down 4
Elevator Up
Down 3 2

Surface movements:

Left [mm] Right [mm] Up [mm] Down [mm] Butterfly [mm]
Ailerons Up 13 13 10
Down 8 8
Flaps Up
Down MAX
Elevator Up 25
Down 30 15
Rudder Left 30
Right 30

Center of gravity:

Empty plane [mm] Ballasted [mm]
Center of gravity 117 113