The Explorer is a combination of the F3J Xplorer 1 airfoil and the latest F5J fuselage. It is created for calm conditions with little or no wind at all and small thermals. Because of it’s light weight we recommend it for competition flying. This particular model is not suitable for being loaded with too much ballast and being used in heavy weather conditions and abusive acrobaтic flights.

We do our best to maintain a good structure of all versions of the models. That is why with the very light versions it is necessary to cut out the quantity of the paint we use. As a result it is not possible to get a shiny, perfect look.

If you come from a country where NAN Models is already officially represented, please contact your local distributor. If we are not officially represented in your country, please send us an e-mail.

White – Mazda UC
Red – Opel 520
Yellow – Lada 222
Dark blue – RAL 5002
Light blue – Renault 426
Orange – RAL 2009
Green – VW L6P